First things first ...

Do not panic - we appreciate it is daunting to be contacted by any form of government official, even more so if you are on the receiving end of formal action on their part. But you are in the right place - we are here to help you - all we ask is that you don't delay in contacting us.


How we will work

You will often hear in planning that every case is judged on its merits and that no case is the same. This is true and the same can be said for our response to planning enforcement issues. We tailor our response to your individual situation and will agree a course of action with you at the outset.

It is fundamentally important that you are as open as possible with us about your planning circumstances.  You can be assured of discretion but it will not help us support you if we try to defend your position without being aware of all the potential pitfalls that may crop up.

The professional status of colleagues here at JCE gives a right of Direct Access to barristers.  This means we can instruct Barristers on your behalf and we regularly work with a number of leading planning Barristers.



Jeff emmett

Assoc. RICS